We are very pleased to announce that we now have Persol sunglasses and eyewear.  (Persol from “per il sole” meaning “for the sun”, highlighting their function of protection against the sun’s rays).

persolSunglasses are more than just a statement of your style, they are an important part of your vision health. The suns UV rays can be brutal on your eyes. The Eyes Have It carries brand name sport and designer sunglasses,

including Oakley, Smith, Rudy Project, Suncloud,Kate Spade, Spy,Ray-Ban,Nicole Miller Bucci and more. Whether you need sport glasses, prescription sunwear or just want to try a new look, our knowledgeable staff ready and able to help your find the right kind of protection.

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Just a reminder– we specialize in RX sunglasses for any sport or activity.

We also feature prescription sunglasses from Rudy Project, Wiley X, Ray-Ban & Oakley

We can make non-prescription sunglass lenses to fit your sunglass frame. So if you have a favorite frame but your lenses are scratched– no problem– we’ll cut new lenses for your frame. We have non-prescription reading polarized sunglasses by Suncloud, and XX2IOptics. Great for hiking, cycling, fishing and whenever you need a boost reading outside.

Our roots are in the sunglass industry. We opened our first sunglass specialty shop in 1978 and our sunglass specialty shop in Fort Collins in 1980, becoming the first sunglass specialty shop in northern Colorado. We still have a sunglass specialty shop within our shop.

We got into the prescription side of the business because our customers who wanted prescription sunglasses found it hard to find someone to fill their needs. Our experience with performance sunglasses for sports and outside activities was a perfect fit. We continue to specialize in performance sunglasses for whatever your lifestyle demands. We still pride ourselves in making prescription sunglasses for people who have been told what they can’t have– We recently had someone who called and said “tell me what you can do, not what you can’t do” He was out of range for most manufacturers. We made him a pair of wrap sunglasses and safety glasses and a pair everyday glasses.

Drivewear prescription lenses are polarized light-sensitive lenses that change outside and behind the windshield while driving to self-adjust to all daylight conditions. They go from a yellowish polarized color for overcast conditions to more copper and to a darker brown for brighter light conditions. You can put them on and leave them on– they enhance vision in any condition– they are everywear lenses